• LumiLIFE Aquarium


    The Ultimate Modern Lifestyle Décor

    of the

    World's First Wireless Powered Robotic Fish & Aquarium

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    Modern Lifestyle Décor with Advanced Tech

    An official Guinness Record Holding Aquarium,

    equipped with Wireless Power Transfer Technology


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    Fits Perfectly into your Lifestyle

    Balance between a Soothing & Dynamic Environment​,

    modify the lighting colors at any time to fit your mood


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    World Class Decoration

    Actualizing all features & concepts

    with the Highest Quality Materials & Craftsmanship


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    Astonishing Lighting Effects

    Hundreds of color combinations for Fish glow & Tank lighting

    are selectable to create the Ultimate Décor


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    Bluetooth Connectivity

    Connect to your Mobile App for Fish Personalization,

    additional Lighting controls, & a Unique Electronic Feeding Game


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    Great Addition to any Environment

    With amazing fusion of lights & fish movements, the Décor is suitable for any Home, Office, Café, Lounge, Reception, or Hotel settings


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    Customization Material Design

    Tank Base Décor Skin is easily swappable to suit your liking,

    with a variety of colors, patterns, or textures to choose from


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    Care-free Zero Maintenance Design

    Wireless Power + Closed-top design,

    Not a single Battery or Water change required​

  • LumiLIFE General Specifications & Features

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    Advanced Aquarium

    • Wireless Power Transfer Technology
    • Water Tank + Tank Base (2-piece design)
    • 7.9" (20cm) Ultra-Clear Semi-Spherical Water Tank
    • Closed-top water tank aquarium structure (bottom-lid)
    • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity (for mobile app control & game)
    • Selectable tank environment lighting colors & intensity
    • AC 100-240V to DC 12V power adaptor
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    Robotic Fish

    • 3 robotic fish variants (Gold, Clown, Puffer)
    • Beautiful dynamic lighting effects (upper & lower body, eyes)
    • Hundreds of glow colors & pattern combinations
    • Lightings & Movements powered directly by advanced wireless power technology at tank base, no in-built battery
    • Fish glows & swims inside the tank perpetually with no required maintenance
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    Fish Movements

    • Random soothing swimming movements engineered specifically for LumiLIFE Aquarium
    • Wirelessly powered by tank continuously without any interruptions
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    • Selectable Fish glow colors & pattern combinations via tank base control and mobile app
    • Selectable Tank environment lighting colors & intensity via tank base control and mobile app
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    • Automated Adaptive Brightness dims the light when environment dims down to avoid overly bright tank
    • Interactive tank tap where fish will respond to you with a special lighting & movement
    • Robotic fish ID Scanning function allows the mobile app to recognize which type of fish is currently inside the tank
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    Tank Décor Skin

    • Décor Skin is easily swappable with different choices of colors, patterns, or textures
    • 2-piece design Skin to be attached to the tank base gently
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    • Never need to take the robotic fish out of the tank as no battery change is required
    • Never need to change dirty water as the closed tank design keeps the water always clean
    • Aquarium setup is as easy as inserting fish, filling the tank with water, and powering on the system
    • Once powered on, the aquarium will no longer need any maintenance
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    Mobile App

    • Connect via Bluetooth 4.0
    • Tank lighting colors and brightness control
    • Fish personalization, glow color & pattern control
    • Unique electronic fish feeding game where status are visualized & reflected on the robotic fish inside the tank
    • Mobile notification alert where the Robotic Fish inside the tank will flash when receiving incoming calls or notifications
  • LumiLIFE Video

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  • SPHERE Corporation

    Bring Concepts to LIFE


    The Team behind LumiLIFE


    Established in 2012, SPHERE Corporation is a LIFESTYLE CE products design/R&D company that consists of passionate entrepreneurs, designers, and engineers.


    Our mission is to develop unique & innovative Lifestyle CE concepts by applying smart technologies & art design and actualizing them into ultimate world class products with every single minor detail carefully crafted by expert technical engineers & talented art designers.

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    Simon Lee

    Co-Founder &

    Managing Director


    Engineering background with extensive project & executive management experience in worldwide CE/Toys R&D sector.


    Experienced with proven track record in managing the complete procedure in bringing concept products from R&D until production for market delivery.

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    Felix Chan

    Co-Founder &

    Director of Operations


    Over 15 years of experience in business administration and management, specialing in areas of compliance, logistics, accounting and finance.


    With proficiency in programming, electronics, production and sales, product quality and customer satisfaction assurance.

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